Thursday, May 16, 2013

First Custom Job

I just finished my first custom job ever!  I am really coming to love doing custom work because I get to work in media I don't usually work in.  For this job I used polymer clay to make a pair of earrings patterned after the "Dalek" from the TV show, Dr. Who.  
Dalek photo to recreate
Work in Progress
I used red glittery Fimo clay to make the base, pushing it on the table to create the angular body.  I then added the black "neck" as well as the black around the bottom.  I used my pasta roller to roll out the silver clay and created the silver strips around the middle and on the neck.  I then made the red top and put the wire for the attachment through it (with a bent end so it doesn't slip out and left straight until after baking), and attached it to the top.  Then I added the "eye".  I then cut wire to create the 2 tools sticking out the front, and added a black piece of polymer clay (glued on after baking) for the suction cup.  I didn't bother creating the whisk.

 Front before baking
Back before baking

Then I baked the earrings, and created the loop from the wire to attach to the ear wire.  And I painted over the entire earring with acrylic gloss medium (not shown in the photos).  The finished measurement was 1.5" tall.

My client received them today and LOVED them!  I was getting so nervous to see what he thought, so it made my day to hear this:

Finished, hanging
Finished, front
Finished, back
"I freaking love them! When I first saw I said "god damn this looks awesome" you did a great job on them. Ill for sure contact you again when I need something made."

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