Thursday, May 2, 2013

And I love my Grandma, too!

Package from Grandma!
So I'm postponing this week's feature until next week, and until then I have some lovely eye candy for you. Yesterday I came home to a huge package of vintage goodies from my grandmother. She sent me so many beautiful things, I was ecstatic!  All of the items in the photo (well maybe not ALL of them) I plan on photographing and listing on Etsy.  Stay tuned!  And if you are just dying to own one of the items (the Shirley Temple coloring book, perhaps?), let me know and I will make a reserved listing just for you with a 10% discount!

And because I'm now in vintage mode,  I also want to share with you the gorgeous collection of brooches I have received from both my mom and grandma.  These were originally collected to make brooch bouquets, but honestly, those are nearly impossible to make!  So I gave up, and now plan on listing all of these on Etsy or repurposing into new jewelry pieces.  The same applies as above, if you are interested in a piece, let me know!  And if you are interested in trying your hand a brooch bouquets, I recommend this tutorial....Project Wedding:  DIY brooch bouquet.  Also, here is an example (below left) of a mixed flowers and brooches bouquet my talented mother, owner of the North Dakota wedding decorating company, "I Do"...Balloons, Weddings, and Events, made for one of her brides.  Please remember all images are copyrighted to the artist.  Do not use them without permission!


  1. Lynell TagestadMay 2, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    Ahhh, love the pics and love you dear girl! Can't wait to see the listings on etsy!

  2. Love you too Mom! I'm excited to get them up!