Monday, May 27, 2013

Thrifty Finds May 27

I went to Goodwill on Friday instead of Monday this week because I was looking for a costume for my school presentation.  I didn't find a costume, but I did find a bunch of things I knew just couldn't wait until Monday, 25% off day.  These things would for sure have been gone today if I left them and I would have been kicking myself, especially over the horse candle holder.

Here is a list of my haul:

1.  Pink ottoman which I am using for a toy box.

2.  TV tray.

3.  Vintage horse candle holder.

4.  "Relax" sign for my bathroom.

5.  Set of teal and gold glasses.

6.  Vintage plate.

7.  Green clutch.

8.  Grey ankle boots from "Hot Kiss".

9.  Vintage Japaneses egg cups.

10.  Circle paper cutter. 

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